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Sash Timber Windows in South West London & Surrey

Bespoke sash timber windows embody elegance, charm and finesse.
A testament to their English heritage, sash windows were created by
Sir Christopher Wren in the late 17th century, when they became a
symbol of elegance and grandeur across of Britain.
Also known as hung sash windows, these stunning emblems of British history are
created with one or more movable panels, or ‘sashes’. These form a frame to hold panes of glass,
which are often separated from other panes by glazing bars.


Their 300-year old success story is no coincidence, with their enduring popularity
boiling down to a few key factors. Firstly, their mechanism allows excellent control of the opening
window sash to enable you to perfectly manage the ventilation in the room.


Secondly, the window’s structure can be manufactured to an incredibly slender
specification, resulting in a stunning amount of natural light admitted to the room and a charmingly
elegant appearance, inside and out. Finally, their bespoke nature helped them to become the
principal feature of many magnificent properties of the Queen Anne and Georgian eras.

Our Timber Sash Window Collection

Our timber sash window collection represents the grace and grandeur of the traditional hardwood sash window’s authentic lines and charm, enhanced with the latest in technological innovation.

As your project is unique to your home, we partner with you to assess your individual requirements, designing bespoke pieces that serve to enhance your home’s charm, character and long-term value. No matter your priorities: thermal insulation, security, minimal maintenance or aesthetics, our made-to-measure sash windows are always designed to your unique specification.

Our Timber Sash Window Collection
Box Sash Timber Windows

Box Sash Timber Windows

Since their inception in the 17th century, box sash timber windows have consistently been one of the most sought-after sash window styles, and are particularly popular in homes within conservation areas. Their fascinating history dates back to the Great Fire of London, when innovators of the time realised that fitting the box to
a four inch recess of the external wall would reduce the risk of spreading fire. In addition to these practical advantages, masking 80% of the box behind the wall also gave the timber sash windows an understated elegance which quickly proved popular among designers of the period.

Balanced on lead weights, our replacement wooden box sashes are completely made to measure. The sashes themselves are either hung on nylon cords or smooth-running chains, whichever you prefer. Choose from a 27 bespoke specification upgrades to enhance any feature of your exquisite timber sash windows, including your desired pulley wheel style or sash horn design.

Spring Sash Timber Windows

Late in the 20th century, the glazing industry welcomed a new product: the spiral balanced sash window, otherwise known as the spring sash timber window. This new design was able to be fitted directly into the structural aperture. While this was a viable advantage, some felt that the visible sash springs also cheapened the charm of the original timber sash windows.

Fast-forward a hundred years or so, and Privett Timber Windows’ innovative carpenters have created a new option: an exclusive spring sash timber window with ‘hidden’ springs, thereby maintaining the character of the traditional sash window. This state-of-the-art spring sash wooden window retains both the slim glazing bars of the box sash window and boasts a finer sash window box. Our innovative spring sash timber window has proven incredibly popular among new-build and extension projects, where the slimmer box can be fitted directly into the structural opening.

Spring Sash Timber Windows
Conservation Sash Timber Windows

Conservation Sash Timber Windows

There exist almost 10,000 conservation areas in England today, with each local council laying down their own regulations for timber windows, whether they be putty-glazed, slimmer glazing units or sections. Conservation areas exist to preserve the historic legacies of British traditions, and we’re delighted to be able to help you play a role in safeguarding your own piece of history.

With extensive experience working with councils across South West London, Surrey and the Home Counties, we’re well-versed in the legislative requirements and would be delighted to advise you on the perfect sash timber window features for your conservation area. Tailor-made to your exact specifications, your bespoke timber sash windows are glazed with either single glazing or individual Slimlite glass panes to ensure a flawless finish.

Upgrades and Finishes

With 27 bespoke specification upgrades to choose from, you’re in the unique position of being able to enhance any feature of your bespoke sash window.

From better soundproofing to reduced maintenance cycles and improved temperature control; from warp-resistant timbers, hidden trickle vents, cords and chains to specialised glass and authentic mouldings, our master craftsmen combine advanced technology with exquisite classic finishes to perfectly enhance your home’s
period sophistication.

Upgrades and Finishes
Beautifully Crafted Glazing Bars

Beautifully Crafted Glazing Bars

Originally, glazing bars were created in order to support smaller panes of glass at a time when primitive production methods did not permit the manufacture of larger panes.

Our preferred glazing bar design is fine lamb’s tongue, which adds finesse and grace to original sash window designs. Sophisticated and refined, fine lamb’s tongue is a mark of understated elegance and quality.

Slim Meeting Rails

Slim meeting rails exist where both sashes meet when the window is closed. Upgrading to slim meeting rails demonstrates a faithful representation of timber sliding sash designs, yet most modern window manufacturers fail to replicate them correctly.

Our carpenters combine traditional carpentry techniques with the latest in technological innovation to produce exceptional quality slim meeting rails that stand the test of time.

Slim Meeting Rails
Timber Sash Window Horns

Timber Sash Window Horns

Timber sash window horns were added to sash window designs in the 1850’s to assist with the extra stress put on the joints of the sashes when glass panes became larger and heavier.

Depending on your personal preferences, we can either match the exact shape of your existing horns or you may choose a standard shape from one of our 30 sash window horn designs.

Timber Sash Windows Today

While up to 75% of original hardwood sash windows have now been lost to alternative designs, timber sash windows are now making
a comeback.

Recognised as an essential feature of Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian buildings, their workmanship is appreciated by a growing number of homeowners who wish to enhance their streetscape with the finesse and elegance of quality timber
sash windows.

The ever-growing list of conservation areas in London, Surrey and the Home Counties also ensures the safeguarding of the sash windows’ place in British history.

Timber Sash Windows Today


Three coats of micro-porous, factory-applied paint as standard

Premium Paint Selection

Three coats of micro-porous, factory
-applied paint as standard. Upgrade to extra-
long paint life for minimal maintenance
and maximum protection. Colour
palette options include matching
any Farrow & Ball, RAL, Little
Greene or Paint Paper
Library colours.

Multi-layered timbers to combat twisting and warping; greater density; minimal shrinking and setting

Timber Built To Last

Multi-layered timbers to combat twisting
and warping; greater density; minimal shrinking and setting. Tried and tested to ensure optimum functionality and visual appeal for years to come.

Choose from a wide selection of insulated single, double or Slimlite glass unit options, from industry-standard to super-insulated glass.

Bespoke Glazing

Choose from a wide selection of
insulated single, double or Slimlite
glass unit options, from industry-standard
to super-insulated glass. Safety,
security, thermal or acoustic
glass units tailor-made to
suit your lifestyle.

All glass units are fitted with internal beading (from the room side) to prohibit would-be intruders from gaining entry into your home by removing the glass.

Security Assured

All glass units are fitted with internal
beading (from the room side) to prohibit
would-be intruders from gaining entry into
your home by removing the glass.
From enhanced multi-point locking
systems to anti-burglar glass, child safety
restrictors and safety glazing, every
security option is available for your
peace of mind.

Industry-leading guarantees and certifications.

Protected By Guarantees

Industry-leading guarantees
and certifications.

Sash Window Galleries


Our sash timber window gallery showcases the master
craftsmanship and style of our elegant timber window collection.
See below for examples of our bespoke box sash windows.

View Our Sash Window Gallery

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